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History of Professional Reproductions

che story of Professional Reproductions, Inc. began in 1979, when Dominick Manzi and his partner decided to branch out on their own. Their first location was on East 41st Street mid-town Manhattan. Professional Reproductions Inc. began as a traditional blue printer; the company exclusively served the A/E/C market. With a good reputation for quality and on-time delivery, the firm specialized in large-format, ammonia-processed blue line and backline prints, sepia paper and Mylar reproducible. As we grew, we added offset printing, a small stat camera, and a vacuum-frame for making photographic duplications of opaque blueprints.

In 1986, Dominick's son Christopher Manzi joined the Professional TEAM. In his first year at the helm, Chris doubled sales and began modernizing operations.

In the late 1980's Professional moved to its present location. As we grew and developed new capabilities, Professional Reproductions, Inc. soon became the standard bearer in technology-based solutions. It was our reputation as a company that 'worked with the customer', that allowed for us to grow to become one of the largest providers of digital services in our marketplace.

With the turn of the century at hand, Professional Reproductions, Inc. continued to diversify its capabilities by adding small-format color laser copiers, and adding new clients in real estate, retail and graphic design. Professional was one of the first companies to take the first crucial steps toward all-digital large-format print production. Management understood the need to make technology not only work for the company but for the customer. We now have six OcÚ 9800's online all the time with a capacity of 12 million square feet per month. Most importantly our ability to self service our production machines, means that we have almost no down time.

However, what makes Professional Reproductions special is that they value their employees, over the years as we grew; our employees were cross-trained so that their value could be retained. As Dominick Manzi states, 'our employees are not just numbers, they are names.' His son Chris who runs day to day operations and is the driving force for the growth of the company states, 'it is the fact that I have done every job, been in the trenches, which allows me to understand our employees but also the needs of our diverse customer base.'

Professional Reproductions, Inc. offers customers access to the most advanced technologies to bring workflow efficiencies and enterprise-wide savings. From Web-based ordering, document control and collaborative project management to an impressive range of small- and large-format, color and black-and-white output devices, our company has it all.


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