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Archiving and Vectorization

  1. I have a large number of blueprints that I must hold in storage. Can I have them stored on a disk?
  2. What kind of black and white scans can I receive?
  3. Can you can small format Xerox documents?
  4. What is Vectorization?


  1. What size and type binding do you offer?

Large Format Black & White/CAD

  1. What is the largest size digital print you can make?
  2. What kind of material can you copy onto?
  3. What are the maximum enlargement and reduction ratios?
  4. Can you enlarge black and white pictures and newspapers?
  5. Can you make photocopies of unusual sized originals?
  6. What is CAD?
  7. What types of CAD files can your print from?
  8. What types of Autocad drawing files can you take?
  9. If I send you an Autocad drawing file, what instructions do you need for printing?
  10. What about Autocad plot files?
  11. What is HPGL and HPGL2?
  12. I have a CAD drawing file from a design program other than Autocad. Can you print from this file?
  13. What other files can you support besides Autocad and HPGL?
  14. Is there an optimum format in which to save my files?
  15. How do I send my files electronically?

Large Format Color

  1. What are the preferred software programs for large format inkjet prints?
  2. What resolution do my images need to be for large format printing?
  3. What should I include when I send in a file for large format inkjet prints?
  4. Can PROFESSIONAL REPRODUCTIONS INC. match my Pantone colors on the inkjet printers?
  5. I have created my file in a word processing application. Can large format inkjet prints be made from it?
  6. How do I send my files electronically?
  7. Will PROFESSIONAL REPRODUCTIONS INC. make corrections to my file for me?

Small Format Black & White

  1. What is the heaviest stock you can run on your copiers?
  2. What paper sizes can you copy on?
  3. Can you print from digital files, and how should they be formatted?
  4. What color paper do you stock?
  5. How do I send my files electronically?



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